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Hi, I’m Shari Johnson, and if you haven't figured it out yet, I'm the Jesus Chick.

The purpose of this site is to provide me the opportunity to inspire others spiritually to walk in the manner of Christ. I never say that it's easy, and I certainly don't say that I have it perfected. It's a hit & miss thing with me as well. But I began the walk of faith in 1996 when I gave my heart to Jesus Christ at an old fashioned altar under the preaching of an old fashioned Pastor that preached Hell hot and Jesus "cool." As in the kind of cool that quinches the thirst of tired soul, and makes you never want to let go of the peace and comfort that comes from resting in His grace alone.

I came from a dead religion that almost let me go to Hell confused as to why I was concidered a Christian but had no peace. It's the driving factor of why I so enthusiastically share my testimony. Not that I want to criticize another denomination, because it's not about what's over the door for me. I'm a Baptist, but I've been in dead Baptist churches too. It's about a relationship with Christ that causes you to hate sin, not embrace or accept it. Dead churches scare me because people walk out the same way they go in. Dead. And I know that for a fact because I lived it.

Today, I walk in the grace of the Lord with a peace in my heart that cannot be explained it can only be felt. I speak to Jesus and He answers me back through His Word and through the Holy Spirit that He placed inside of me. I don't profess to have all the answers, but I know where they are. I search the scriptures to find out what He wants me to know and then I share that message with my readers on this site. I'll travel to where ever it is that the Lord leads; to speak to women and young people and to share the message of hope that Jesus saves!

I will never again buy the lie of a religion. Because I've tasted the goodness of God through my relationship with Him and through my service in a local Bible preaching, King James Version teaching body of believers that take the New Testament Church responsibility serious, but know how to have fun in the process. That church is Victory Baptist Church in Grantsville, West Virginia.

If you'd like to comment or you'd like me to speak, please contact me at, or phone my cell at 304-377-6036 and leave me a message if I don't answer.

That's a little about me, if you'd like to know more just ask!


Shari Johnson


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