Gathering Together

      Introducing Shirley E. Gordon




About the author’

Shirley Gordon was a former backup singer for a military group called ‘Force of Habit’ which produced an album from Macola (ASCAP) records and released its debut in the spring of the same year. They ‘were also featured in the ‘billboard magazine and listed on the top charts of the one hundred most favorable songs. This ‘was followed by several, live radio interviews with FM 102, located in their hometown of Sacramento, California. The seven-member band lasted for a year before the members decided on other careers. ‘Dear Mommy’ I just called to say, ‘I love you is Shirley’s first book a story she didn’t want anyone to know about, ‘but God. The author hopes that those who have experienced something similar, those who have become victims in some ways, and those who are coping with ‘life’ will find inspiration as they read her memoir…