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        Single, Satisfied, and Saved


On page 45 in my book ‘A Woman’s Guide to Being Single, Satisfied and Saved’ I state:

‘Instead of facing my problems head on or if I was stressed, I would turn to alcohol and sex. That was the thing that made me feel better. Instead of turning to Christ, I turned to sex to fill my loneliness and to increase my self-worth. I turned to alcohol to numb the pain of life and any problems that I had to face.’

I continued that vicious cycle for quite a while until I realized that I was practicing insanity…doing the same thing but expecting different results each time. The drugs, the sex, and the alcohol were not helping. It would make me feel good for the brief moment of use but afterwards I was back where I started and sometimes worse. If you are one that can relate to this passage I encourage you to challenge yourself to do something different. Instead of picking up a bottle pick up a book…the bible worked for me. Also, do not let the haunting of your past or the fear of the future stop you from making changes in the present. If it can happen for me, it can happen for you!

Ashley Lounds-Brooks

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Single, Satisfied, and Saved