Gathering Together

       "The Balancing Act"




Life within itself has many metaphorical clichés, analogies or parables as utilized by Jesus Christ which we hear, read or utilize to explain the complexities of basic living. And yet and still, we have unexplained or sometimes unacceptable anomalies, and various lessons to be taught and learned which make us sad, happy, gloomy or confused.

I’ve found it a bit challenging at times on how to proceed through life while striving to accomplish my goals and dreams and God’s purpose. It has truly become a balancing act.


Picture a juggling act at the circus, or better yet a scale. When we approach the deli line, and then choose our lunch meat of choice we have to balance our budget, our preference by pennies, or in today’s economy, to the dollar per pound, just to achieve a portion of our grocery shopping goal. So is life for the typical adult, be it married, single, with children or without, jobless or two jobs, two parent family, or six parents for the accepted polygamist lifestyles.


Life hasn’t any guarantees if you choose to live life without a spiritual connection. In today’s society, as it has always been, humankind has a smorgasbord of spiritual entities, gods, religions and eschatology’s. Spiritual enrichment becomes relevant to those of us who understand the need to connect with a spiritual being which activates or enhances the spirit which every human possess. Throughout adulthood for myself, I’ve gone through several stages; the roaring twenties, the maturing thirty’s and presently I’m approaching middle-age, according to the politically correct, which brings up another topic which I will elaborate on at another time. So poses the question, how do we function on earth, while balancing adulthood, parenthood, our career goals, our spiritual goals and so many other facets of pursuing life? Life has become for the most part, a balancing act. It’s no wonder we need a pill to go to sleep and a pill to wake up, or a strong cup of coffee to start the morning rituals. Some may argue that medicine dependency or caffeine is considered unacceptable or even spiritual weakness, I beg to differ.   


Every Christian, which I might add is my choice of human identification, has a weak or strong point. The weak points somehow, in some cases, complement the strong attributes. How, you may ask? For example, we all have the ability to choose, right? If I may use myself as an example; “when I became fed up with living a total life of sin, my wall against God’s righteousness weakened.” My strong defense was challenged by a “still small voice,” and I became as a child; remorseful, scared and ashamed. My stubborn will was softened and my heart became, once again, accepting of the Holy Spirit. When our lives have become a “juggling act,” we are in dire need of balance. If you ever take note of a professional juggler, their main goal is “not” to drop the item, and secondly to create entertainment while implementing artistry. Life needs balance and only through the constant implementation of God’s scriptures, faithful prayer for guidance, attention to our surroundings, and assuming the role of a Christian follower, can we really start to live not just a balanced life, but to glorify God as a “Balancing Christian.” Our true balance will be complete, when we are changed into a glorious body.


Reference Scriptures: Rom 10:9, Ps 90:10, Prov 3: 5, Rom 6:6, Heb 9:27, Phil 3:27,  1st Cor 15: 51, 52


Stay blessed: Ms. Tina Chestnut (Writing as; “Ty Mays)