Gathering Together

The Christ

I imagine him

   golden brown

        sun painted skin

body strong

   lean and slightly thin

       long muscles formed from vigorous walking

           thighs thick from climbing mountains

mountains made by God

    and mountains imagined by man 

        his hands

           long calloused fingers impregnated by miracles

power to heal

     to resurrect

          to free a soul full of regret

              dust sprinkled feet

softly implanted in sturdy sandals

   constantly embracing the street

         round ebony curls crown his head

            like a silken animal hanging on for dear life

a full beard adorns his full angelic lips like a beautiful wife

      piercing eyes

          burning like unquenchable flames

               stare out from a stern all knowing face

full of wisdom not of this place

    his lips part

         a spirit stirs within the air

               the feeling of invisible hands

brush the skin everywhere

     he speaks

         “I am the way, the truth, and the light.”

              I savor his words in my mind

in my heart they are housed

        they are like manna in my mouth

             when swallowed

fire churning in my bones

      forcing me to groan gleefully

           embracing the idea of freedom

                 desire envelopes me

enclosing me within emotional ecstasy

      ravishing every unworthy part of me

           until spiritual rhapsody engulfs me

                  for I know I am loved

by: Violette L. Reid

Copyright ©2011-Violette L. Reid