Gathering Together

 The Jesus Warning

Week Two

     The archangel Sariel joined archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. More angels, the four living creatures, the Twenty-four Elders, and other Sons of God joined them before the radiant throne. A throne so brilliant all that could be seen was sardius in blood red and a jasper stone as clear as crystal. Around the throne a vibrant rainbow in emerald green enclosed the translucent light. From here, Yahweh, creator of everything, the living God, unveiled His Master Plan--a plan to accomplish the redemption of his creation.  An aura of anticipation, an emotion of excitement, and an intensity of impression filled the air. Everyone wanted to know, “What was going to happen today?” 

     The meeting began as usual with the four living creatures singing,” Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and who is, and who is to come.”

     Then the Twenty-four Elders joined in,” Worthy are you, our Lord and our God, to receive glory and honor and power; for you created all things, and because of your will they existed, and were created.”

    As if on cue, everything in heaven began singing,” To him who sits on the throne and to the lamb are blessing and honor and glory and dominion forever and ever.” Their voices blended to form a round of praise that lasted through one hundred repetitions

     The song came to an end with the four living creatures repeating, “Amen. Amen. Amen.”

     Michael, the guardian of Israel, stood twice as tall as any man and had six wings to propel him in any direction. His hair was at his mid chest and dark, his eyes were soft but his voice was deep as he stated,” The lies of the enemy have slowed the spread of the gospel among your chosen people, but a few are beginning to accept the truth” He saluted by placing the fist of his right hand across the armor on his chest.

     Gabriel, a valiant warrior, came to attention before he gave his report. He had six wings also. His eyes sparkled when he reported, “The enemy has taken up positions in religions throughout the world, but they cannot win.” After his report he gave a smart salute.

     Sariel had curly pitch black hair which he wore close to his head.  His deep blue eyes twinkled “There isn’t any strong leaders like Sunday, Moody, and Graham. More people are being born than those being saved. Entire states and even countries are abandoning our message.”  Sariel saluted and flapped his middle wings after completing his report.  

     Raphael’s wings spread out from end to end, his voice was tenor as he strongly pronounced,” The world is in an uproar: violence is in the world, the weather is rebelling, nature is convulsing. ” Raphael used his lower wings to lift him slightly from the floor, and then saluted sharply before coming back down.

     After these reports silence fell across the excited assembly as they waited in anticipation for the next unveiling. It was Yahweh’s turn to speak. The only sound was the four living creatures softly and repeatedly singing, “Amen. Amen. Amen.”

     Yahweh stated,” I am preparing the final events in my plan.”

     Everyone shouted,” Hallelujah!” in concerts of antiphonal praise.

     “As you know, my Son was born in a cave and wrapped in swaddling.  Naked he was crucified on a cross. Then he was buried in a cave and wrapped in a shroud. Then he rose again.”

     Everyone shouted,” Hallelujah!” followed by another round of antiphonal praise.

     “America became a great nation and created roads on which to carry our message.”

     Everyone began singing, “Amen, amen, amen!”

     “Raphael, Gabriel, Sariel, and Michael go into the world and proclaim a Jesus Warning. You have an important job to do. Find men to tell the world Jesus is retuning soon. He is already on the horizon.”

     “As you wish my Lord.” They said in unison. 

     Suddenly and without invitation, The Accuser of Man burst into their presence bringing the stench of death with him. “Yahweh, have you noticed how effective my work has been?”

     ”You were once an archangel, Lucifer, but because of your arrogance and jealousy over people who I created, you were expelled from the throne. Your effectiveness is limited to your own imagination.”

      “Of course you think that. But look at me now!  Instead of leading your praises I lead the hearts and souls of men and women away from you and destroy your so-called Master Plan.”

     “My plan calls for your doom.  You tried to destroy the plan when Cain killed Able. You tried to destroy it when you sent a famine to the land of Canaan where Abraham and his family had settled. You tried to destroy it when Pharaoh ordered all the baby boys killed. You tried to destroy it when you had Herod kill the baby boys in Bethlehem. You tried to destroy it when you had Jesus killed. You played right into my plan.”

     ”I will continue to try because no one on earth worships you or even thinks about you. People worship idols of stone and wood that are not even gods. They would rather worship a piece of stick than worship you.”

      The angels around the throne felt their muscles tense and twitch as they awaited Yahweh’s orders to destroy this invader. They knew one word from Yahweh and they could eliminate him.

     The Accuser continued to mock Yahweh, “Men worship themselves and spend more time pursuing fleshly activities than seeking you. Men like Samson had no concern for you; he only concerned himself with his flesh. You created men who do not even acknowledge you. I am winning their souls.”

     “You mean you’re destroying their souls.”

     The Accuser continued ranting, “Look at America. I have spread hatred and division everywhere.  And those who say the serve you are really serving themselves.”

          “None has lived as righteous as Job; however, he was an anomaly which cannot be repeated. The Sons of God you send against me are anemic and their activities are powerless. With all my power over men and angels, I should be god. I will be god!”

      “As always you still have everything upside down. I will raise up my chosen person. Today I proclaimed a Jesus Warning. It’s time for you to find shelter, but there is none for you.   

     Yahweh continued, “When Jesus completes his work you will face your final defeat. Events will happen so discreetly and so suddenly, you will not even see it coming. My armies will destroy evil. Then you will be sent to the Lake of Fire forever.” 

The Accuser shuddered slightly, but continued with his ranting. “I am not afraid. You have been saying that for five thousand years.” 

     Still laughing, he left the room, but his stench remained. There was silence while everyone waited for the evil aroma to evaporate. This was the day of days, the time of times, the day of Christ. Everyone held their breath to see what the creator would do.

     Yahweh ordered, “Go. Warn the world. Tell them My Son is coming with a shout and the sounding of trumpets. He is coming quickly. Tell them all who believe will be saved.”  The angles sped off while the four living creatures began singing, “Holy, holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty.”

By Delbert Teachout