Gathering Together

             The Job Experience


One of the most harrowing episodes recorded in the Old Testament scriptures, are those of God’s servant; Job. The preface of Job’s saga seemingly unfolds with a plot orchestrated by the enemy of God, whose only desire is to test God. However, Yahweh in His unprecedented wisdom demonstrates the fallibility of man. Job was described as; “perfect and upright, and one who fears God and eschews evil.” However, there are lessons of humility, undying trust, tests of perseverance, and God’s incomparable sovereignty.


The primary response of any human being when faced with imminent peril, is to question; “why me,” or “what have I done to deserve this turmoil?” While Job’s poetic injustice would satisfy the whimsical evils of Satan, it would in no way affect or impede the lessons millions are still learning centuries beyond.  Actually, Jobs’ experience is as an operatic explosion of plots, conspiracy theories, assertions and impositions to a reasonable extent. Not to mention each friend throughout Job’s mayhem interjected poisonous darts of offense, judgment and ridicule which at times exacerbated Jobs’ spiritual trauma. As the aphorism “with friends like those, who needs enemies” resounds lyrically, scene after scene, a didactic methodology is inferred, however; fruitless.


As the twentieth century continues to spiral, at times, recklessly through technological whims, medical anomalies, and irrational quest for God-like interpretations, science will never formulate a hypothesis explaining spiritual encounters with God. Though we all have innate abilities which may or may not transcend our emotional or mental abilities; theoretically speaking, science cannot interpret our spiritual genesis. God has designed humankind with a spiritual mechanism which has the ability to replicate spiritual maturation achieved by our predecessors. Though there are a variety of lessons to be learned or discarded throughout the book of Job, I personally believe God’s initial intent was to prove the agendas of the “prince of darkness” and its followers are always to destroy our trust and communication with God, while creating fear and doubt during our test of faith. The seed of spiritual pessimism will choke and disrupt the nurturing process of a believer. Without spiritual training and evaluations, how will we excel past our areas of weakness, overcome our uncertainties, or destroy our fears of failure?


There may not be a “moral to this story,” because morals have low credibility in comparison to the laws of righteousness.  Though Job assumed God did not hear his cries of relief, God was always in attendance. Job proved to be human; full of flaws, fear, and doubt, coupled with a still residing knowledge of who he served; A Sovereign God which will remain matchless.


Tina Chestnut (writing as Ty Mays)