Gathering Together

      To The Little Girl That Loved To Dance





These poems are all poems, which can be found in my poetry book To the Little girl that Loved to Dance




I dreamed of wealth, prosperity, beauty, and faith
I dreamed of sacrifices, hope, love, and fate

I dreamed of giants and natures frolicking fruits
I dreamed of times spent together in my youth

I dreamed of love lost, loved gain and the love that I still seek
I dreamed of happiness and strength for the strong and meek

I looked toward God to complete me and keep me still
I dreamed a dream and prayed it was real

My last cry


See I cried my last tear yesterday

When the storm came

And the wind blew turbulence in my life

When my pockets were empty

Along with the gas tank

And my heart


When everything failed

Friends left and disappointed

Trust were tarnished

And lies escaped the mouth

Of my enemies

To harm me


You see I cried my last tear yesterday


When her body was lifeless

And she could no longer tell me

She loved me

When my innocence was removed

And sin befriended me


When hope turned to shame

Guilt turned to pain

And nowhere surrounded me

While loneliness held me captive


You see I cried and I cried


Because I saw, nothing and visions were unclear

And the mountains were too high to climb

My feet stood still

While my flesh was on fire

And nothing or no man

Came to my rescue

I cried


Then he grabbed tears

And heard my plea

He asked me a question

And I received

For there was nothing else for me to do

And I wanted and yearned timeless peace


He sent an angel down

And he covered me

He spoke to me through kindness and his gentleness touched my heart

And my spirit was set free

And my battles changed hands


He promised

And he honored his word

That is my life today and every day thereafter

Cause I made up my mind

That the Lord was mine

And weeping only came in my night

And now there is joy during my morning time


So when life is a trifle

And trouble follows you

And the tears well your eyes

And you don’t know what to do


Call on his name claim

And receive

Believe in his word

He will never leave

And will never stray

See that is why

I cried my last tear yesterday







So I am inspired by waterfalls, cool breezes,

Love, autumn, thunderstorms

Hurricanes and soft music

The sounds of a baby crying, and the stroke of a clock trying to beat a deadline


Dogs barking, cars stopping, inspire me,

Traffic jams of the unnecessary

Winds that blow just the treetops

A flowers scent that leaves a mystic melody in my thoughts


I am inspired by people laughing, tragedy, the rise and fall of a nation that is fatherless

but its mother has the strength to endure the tests of time

Birds chirping a cry for peace

And hints of why, what if, and those that dare to dream


Yes, I am inspired

By a pencil, that shades paper

With colorful metaphors, and crystal verbiage

That describes the essence of beauty around


The warmth of a good man, and the rejection from a weak one releasing me to the betterment of my existence


Yes, I am inspired

By chaos, calamity, organization, and omnipotence

The greatness in which we all wish to achieve


The majestic majesty of natural wonders that comfort the earth

And allow me to know that I am human and humane


Yes, I am inspired

By a God who has surrendered his son in the name of our sins, and will not forsake even when I am wretched and undone

Allows me to repent, and cleanse myself in his fiery words

and seek knowledge until I see my salvation


Yes, I am inspired

And free because I dare to be just me

For I am covered and hidden in the Secret place of the Almighty

Never to question my faith, hope, talents and hearts desires


Yes, I am inspired





3 a.m.


So I tiptoe through the hush

Only to hear the snores and whimpers of rest

Through the front door to enter the heavens of the outside

I sit upon my porch, and I adore God


I listen to the winds blow a breeze

Capturing the essence of the harmonies

Of creation

And beauty of pure existence


I watch as the crickets hop along

Into the dewy grass

As spiders cast their web

To create safe havens for their young

And capture their prey


The trucks blew horns from the distant highway

As the trains, friction causes an eruption on the tracks

The illumination of the street light

Cast a shadow of my silhouette

Hovering over me, from my wooden panes


The oak tree bows

To the pine in salutations

While the grass admires the

Flowers hues in an appreciation of their bloom


The North Star shines bright

As the Orion converses with the big, and little dippers

As they admire the crevices of the moon

Waiting patiently for the sun to rise

and state her claim on a new day

I close my eyes

And hear

The whispers of this phenomenon

Called nature


Acceding my head in prayer

I hoist my hands with praise

For I am overwhelmed by

His conception


I am enthralled with his omnipotence

Engaged in his substance

Muted by his glory

As I sit upon my porch and adore God



Lord’s Corner

When the bills arrive and the how is unknown just stop and take a deep breathe
There’s no time to allow the devil in your sight cause it could cause you to be careless

When the cabinets are almost bare, anxiety ignites, and your stomach begins to rumble
Bend on one knee, shout some praise, smile, and become eternally humble

When the love and security is gone, you feel empty and want to claim defeat
Remember you words, lessons learned, and fall directly at his feet

Favor will be shown by a merciful man who will never be a foreigner
Just remember to take your burdens to the Lord and leave them in the Lord’s Corner