Gathering Together

   THE THREE R’S ~ Dolores Ayotte


For those of you who have been have read some of my background information you already know that I am a former elementary school teacher,  During my teaching years, I spent a great deal of time teaching the three R’s of education…reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic as they were so fondly called in those days.


Today we are utilizing many other words that start with R such as recycle, reuse, and restore in an effort to be more energy conscious and to help protect and sustain our environment.


Although, I left the classroom many years ago, the classroom has never left me.  Once a teacher, always a teacher!  It’s in my blood.  In fact, my self-help books “I’m Not Perfect And It’s Okay” and “Growing Up & Liking It” are what I consider to be teaching tools. In my opinion, you can take the teacher out of the classroom but it is very difficult, perhaps impossible, to take the classroom out of the teacher.  My blog site “A Woman’s Voice” falls into the same teaching category as my books.  My posts are not meant to offend but rather to educate. 


The reason I have chosen to discuss the three R’s of education is because other than the ones I have already mentioned in the first two paragraphs, in my opinion, there are many more equally important words starting with R.


A few of these are responsibility, respect, and reciprocity/relationship.  When people hold themselves accountable for their actions, they demonstrate a sense of responsibility.  When they become more accountable and accept responsibility, they develop self-respect and in turn earn the respect of others.  When they earn the respect of others, this eventually results in a mutually respectful relationship, which is what I refer to as the beginnings of a reciprocal connection or affinity.  Whether positive or negative, people eventually become the reflection of each other.


In other words, those around us will be a reflection of ourselves and our values. Morals and values never go out of style as I demonstrate in my writing. At times, all we need is a gentle reminder to get back to basics. This is my goal…to reach out to others in the spirit of love, support, and encouragement in order to touch people’s lives whenever possible.


By Dolores Ayotte


A Woman’s Voice