Gathering Together


The Writing Tree of Life


A writer is either a lover of life, or a master of fantasy. We thrive on the pleasantries of motor skills, and finger dexterity needed to transfer the abstract to a concrete source, be it paper or modern technology, which exceeds our every wish. The internet highway has become mandatory to gain immediate response, and access to the universe. A writer will never extinguish the beacon of light within the universe of Arts; what with countless blogs, which I might add is acceptable, however the horrific colloquialisms interfaced with novice “shout outs,” endless to relentless, to redundant refrains, echoes in a valley of words; tired old words. However, there is a remnant described as a “free spirit;” much like an unemployed actor. Only through constant critique sessions with “fickle” and avid readers, can one successfully implement “their gift” with consistent willingness and courage. Once one is published or mentioned by “the powers that be,” it’s basically a wrap, or is it?


Writers can either unearth the dark abyss of evil, or offer happy and nurturing anecdotes which create happy endings, or subject to the societal cravings of dark suspense, fanatical utopias, and unrealistic romance; the writers’ pen becomes a weapon of mass literary destruction. When writers conform to the demands of readers chanting; “give us more pathetic and whimsical conflicts, and omit the moral of the story;” the spirit weakens and the art becomes tainted and hollow. A safe catalyst for most writers willing to escape the infinite cycle of “yada,” is to embrace the infamous “writers’ block,” exhale and rejuvenate good, wholesome brain storms. Recreate, enhance or experiment, while maintaining an air of literary dignity. Dare to dream; and dream to inspire.


As “artists” we are privileged; however we must maintain a quiet rhythm of consistency, sprinkled with imagination, and just a dab of adventure, or else we confuse the divine purpose of utilizing words to strengthen a withered soul, or educate society through the blessing of guides disguised as books, or we may even asunder the bridge laid by iconic literary greats who dared to exceed the art of language and free expression. The greatest work ever presented to humanity is the Bible; a priceless work of oracle art which transcends the beauty of any galaxy or creation. God being the original author, and man; forsaking all to transcribe words into an eternal masterpiece.


In closing; as we laugh and cry our way through the world of literature, my personal desire is to implement perfect practice of empathy, which makes empathy perfect. I have a divine appreciation for literature. To read is lovely, however to write is divine. One can brainstorm an array of ideas on paper, and typically after careful considerations, and grammatical surgery, a “story” is born. As it is with the “family tree,” so is it with the “writer’s tree.” We are conceived within the womb of time, fathered by idealism, and nurtured by experience. Our tree is planted in rich soil, in which we thrive within the shadows of wisdom, and harvest hope. As nouns, proverbs, verbs, conjunctions, pronouns, interjections, adverbs and adjectives interface with the paradigm of God’s authorship; a word blossoms into an angelic symphony of Art. Long live the Writer’s Tree of Life; planted by words of wisdom and nurtured by the hand of God.


Tina Chestnut, writing as Ty Mays