Gathering Together



I had just left a meeting where things hadn’t gone as smooth as I had hoped. I looked over to my beautiful wife, Tabitha, and said, “I am such an idiot to think that I could ever get anywhere in life”. Little did I know that there was someone close by whose day was far worse than mine, I watched as a vagrant gave his life to the Lord. It was a heavy scene whereas most who had walked passed him would not acknowledge his obvious needs. His home was destroyed in a tornado and he had no one he could turn to. Even the homeless crowd had kicked him out because of his drinking as he would ramble on about how God does things for a reason. Indeed He does. That man asked us two Kentucky hillbillies for a cold drink of water and in return got a fresh start with Jesus. He talked while I listened. He said that he had once known God and through hard times he had slipped away. He referred to himself as a failure. Already we had so much in common. Others looked upon him as if he was ridden with disease and even I had to pause for a moment to hear what God was saying. I suddenly felt the Holy Spirit resting on me as I endured pain, fear, and heart ache. All the things this man felt and much, much more. I saw one of God’s creations asking for help and wanting desperately to be freed from the darkness that had surrounded him. We said a prayer together confessing our sins and asking God to forgive us. I gave him my bible and told him to defend himself, this was only the beginning. I told him that I would tell my friends about him and that we would pray for him even if he was all the way in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I gave him all the cash I had in my pockets and hugged on him for a while. I could feel the Lord’s embrace as we sat in the shade of an old tree. I feel like I failed him somehow, but I know that's just another lie from the pits of Hell. The Devil in all his power was not enough to stand in the way of this man’s salvation. It felt as though I was being accused of something I did not do. I don't care, I'd do it again if I had the chance. Matthew 6:33 says, “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be provided for you.” Here I was beating myself up over not getting signed by a publisher when the people around me were dying and going to hell, shame on me for being so selfish. There is work to be done brothers and sisters!