Gathering Together

          We Do All Things Better Through Jesus



            I have poor handwriting; I was birthed left handed but forced to learn to write with my right hand. I print mostly, but recently I have tried writing cursive in attempts to help my eight year old with her writing. I have gotten better but it is still not very good. My daughter’s handwriting is much better than mine. However, there is one word that I can always write beautifully. Well, it is a name actually: JESUS. When I write the name of my Lord, and Savior, it looks as if it was scripted by an artist, and it was: JESUS.


My mother has always had challenges in the area of communication. She speaks rapidly in a repetitious manner; my mother will repeat the same word or subject three times in two sentences. Words are mispronounced and misused with reckless abandon. She is not well read, for she rarely reads, but she’ll read her bible. She has to have her daily WORD from the Lord. At one point, my mother had been called to address her congregation, but was terrified to do so because of her poor speech. When she stood in front of the podium that day and spoke of her love for the Lord it sounded like poetry! People were moved in the spirit by her eloquent speech on the Lord’s love and healing powers. Jesus spoke through her that day and she had never communicated more effectively in her life. She left the podium to applause and spiritual cheer. My mother shares scripture with me that she’s found encouraging and uplifting in her darkest hour as often as possible and for that I am grateful.


I remember when Terrence couldn’t carry a tune; he got booed at talent shows in high school and was kicked out of the band he’d formed because of his poor vocals. When Terrence gave his life over to the Lord he joined his church’s choir and wore his robe with pride. He sang his heart out in the back of the choir for months and was finally noticed by the pastor and choir director. Now Terrence sings solo’s in church at least twice a month and he is always the featured vocalist whenever the choir travels to different churches or competitions to sing. When Terrence finally found a subject worth singing about, the Lord let his voice flow free.

JESUS! My writing, my mother’s communication, Terrence’s singing: yes, we do all things better through JESUS. Is there something that you want to do? Try
glorifying HIM while you do it and see just how successful you will be. Be proud
of the talents you have been blessed with, but do not be mistaken: they are HIS
talents, not ours! HE has gifted and entrusted us with these attributes and they
are to be used for HIS purposes, not ours. Hubris narcissistic behavior is not
pleasing to our Lord and the joy your talent provides you will be short lived.
Humble and appreciative we must remain, as well as grateful, for our talents and
the opportunity to share them, because remember: we do all things better through


By: Cam Rascoe

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