Gathering Together

What do you expect?

Treat people better than you wish to be treated... Give more than you wish to be given... Live better than average, Love harder than you desire to be loved... Pray more for others than for yourself... Shine brighter today than yesterday... Share even when you feel you do not have enough... Obey even when you do not feel like obeying... Go even when it feels like you are on your last leg... Press on when you feel like giving up and walking away... Praise when the enemy tries to stop or block you... Tell the truth even if it means you are in trouble... Honestly evaluate YOU so that no one else has to...


The key is: it is not always about YOU but OTHERS. When you deny yourself, you kill your flesh, and mature in the things of God. You are setting yourself up for miracles, signs, and wonders....


What you expect and desire, you should be willing to give and do for others. Do not talk about others when you are just as guilty as they are, because that is hypocritical. Remember: reaping and sowing is not a truth, but the truth, and we will reap what we sow, no matter the title or position. Let your thoughts be thoughts of good and not of evil, to bring you to an expected end. What do you expect if you treat others the way they that treat you???


Apostle LaWanda Y. Peters


© 2011 Copyright – LaWanda Peters