Gathering Together

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‘God never sleeps—‘I learned that a long time ago, when I was lost in the ‘darkness’ and trapped in the winter’s cold. It was the ‘coldness’ that came so quick, ‘that had my mind flashing back ‘right before the accident.

‘I was sitting in the back-seat of our car, listening to my sister say her ‘nightly prayer’s, and ‘thinking to myself- the real reason why God wanted us both there. ‘She said she had a song to sing for all of the troubles of the world, a song to help the ones being abused when they were young boys and girls…’You see,’ she barely whispered to me, that God never sleeps, He’s watching all of the homeless people living out on the streets..

She said in order for us to make our lives better- we need to stop focusing on the negativity and concentrate on coming together. For we are all of God’s children through ‘thick and ‘thin, he doesn’t care where we come from or the color of our skin, ‘I have this song in my heart’ that was the last thing she said to me, ‘Before a drunk-driver came and stole away her sweet dreams.

“Is it true that God never sleeps?” I wanted her to tell me again, but only the silence met me, when my face ‘was hit with the cold winds. As I fell out of the car that went off of the cliff, I tried to stand-up but somehow I missed. I tried to move my legs, but they were both broken, I tried to scream, but the dirt had me choking…

As I climbed the steep hill, dragging my body so slow, I prayed to God ‘Please don’t let my hands go… I don’t know how I did it when I found the street lights I just knew when I woke up that everything ‘was white. ‘As strong arms gripped me and held me near, I thought I heard, my sisters sweet voice whispering again, ‘in my ears…

‘Don’t worry Shirley, ‘for no more tears should you ‘weep’ for didn’t I tell you? That God never sleeps!


Shirley E. Gordon

(For my sister, ‘Gloria J. Gordon 1972)


   What Lies Ahead of Us



Intro to What Lies Ahead Of Us



Gloria was only 14 at the time of her death and was a strong believer that God had put her here on earth to spread the word that he is alive and never sleeps…This poem will be featured in my next book, ‘What lies ahead of us,’ due out in Jan 2012.. ‘This book is a sequel to my latest one,

‘Dear Mommy,’ I just called to say, ‘I love you…

Is my memoir, telling about the story of my life, and how I survived so many obstacles that was thrown my way. When I was born doctors told my mother that I wouldn’t live past the age of five that she and my father needed to get ready for my burial, which I eventually prove them wrong… Yet years later a tragedy took place that shook my world causing me to ask the question, ‘Does God ever sleep?’ for answers to this question and more,  read the book.‘ You can either Google my name Shirley E. Gordon, ‘to see which stores may have it in your area, or go  to, (kindle) Barnes n Nobles or  be sure to rate it if you do purchase it online.