Gathering Together

When God is Silent



When God is silent, HE is still watching.

Although the child cries out, HE still remains SILENT.

He watches to see if she can pass the test,

For the enemy asked Him, “Can I exterminate this pest?”


After a series of tribulations and trials

And the enemy has put forth his best vials…

GOD stands by and remains silent,

But He makes sure the enemy doesn’t get too violent.


As the enemy sees each of his plans seared,

The rain and storms have suddenly disappeared.

God sees His child, though weak, withstood this fear.

With outstretched hands He says, “I’m Still Near.”


As His child looks at her Father with great love,

God whispers, “Thou art still my precious little dove.”

She then asked, “Why did you let the enemy try to sift me like wheat?”

The Father replied, “I bragged on you; for I told him through this test you’d put him under your feet.”


The child cried in her Father’s arms, “I know I failed for I have made mistakes.”

“Not so!” said God, “The key was for you to stand and not break.”

The child looked up and said, “I didn’t break?”

The Father replied, “Through you my honor is still upheld, for it was at stake.”


She looked at Him for she didn’t understand.

And with love in His Eyes He took her by the hand.

“You see beloved daughter,” The Father began, “The enemy wanted you to curse Me and die,”

Then with a smile The Father said, “But what you did caused the enemy to tell another lie.”


Tabitha Vinson

Spiritual Administrator

2010 Black Essence Award Nominee...
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