Gathering Together


Once you realize you’re in a war, be it on your life, spirit, confidence, self-esteem, or hopes and dreams, one of the most effective strategies for winning is to choose your battles wisely.   Some battles are simply not worth fighting.  It is not necessary to win every argument. Sometimes winning is to say absolutely nothing at all. If you say nothing, the enemy has no way of knowing your plan of action. It is not necessary and is never good to expend your energy on insignificant confrontations – preserve it for that which will make a positive or substantive difference.  Once a woman, whom I knew was embroiled in a battle that she was bound to lose.  Exhausted, near tears, and totally confused, she finally asked me, “What should I do?”  My answer was, “How about doing nothing.”   There are some battles that we’re just not destined to win and should not be considered the end of the world.

The battle is not yours – it belongs to the Creator.  So let Him fight what He cannot lose, and you continue to implement other portions of the Plan of Victory.  You have been equipped with weaponry such as intelligence, skill, information, perseverance, patience, vision, and talent.  Rarely, if ever, does the adversary know how to handle the battle or war that is fought with these types of weaponry.  For centuries, victorious warriors in every type of warfare there is have claimed their victories by using one or more of these weapons.   Adversaries who continue to lose prove this point themselves, and so there is no reason whatsoever to argue the point with them.  Although winners repeat their formulas for winning the wars and battles that come with living life, adversarial forces continue to ignore the formula for victory and continue to attack with the same results – failure.   Let the adversary have his or her bloody fight.  In the end they lay in ruin among their bloody messes.  However, in order to prevail, you must stay committed to fighting a bloodless warfare with intelligence, skill, information, perseverance, patience, vision, and talent.  You will be positioned to move forward and achieve your goals without any blood on your hands.  Now that’s winning the war!