Gathering Together

                    Yes, I Am Woman






Traveling in my/her History

You see, I started as merely a rib.  A rib from a being, a creation of Gods, which was formed from dust.  From this rib, I evolved, became mother to a nation, and gave birth to tribesand found my home in foreign lands where I wore the finest jewels and had people bow before my feet.  I summoned wars and created destruction while using my beauty as an underlying crutch to entice the libido of men who could not resist. 

Cleopatra they whispered.

I closed my eyes and found myself in the coldest winters, challenged my daughters and sisters to gather and build comfort in which man was allowed to rest.

I wisped through time procreating and blessing the earth with seeds that spread throughout the universe.  I opened my eyes and landed on the continent of Europe 1618-1762.  You could hear my name:

Queen Elizabeth, Isabella, Anne, or even Catherine.

I felt up for the challenge and wanted to expand my power through the lands to make my presence known.  I imposed on the boys that I raised to become men I prepared men to serve their country in our countries time of need.

I bandaged, nursed wounds, and cleaned the spilt blood of those that suffered.  I smelt death daily and embraced visual horrors.  I endured rape, discrimination, belittlement, and embarrassment.

Then I decided to do the unthinkable.  I enlisted, and yes, they let me.  I sailed the seven seas. 

Loretta Perfectus is what they called me as the wind blew through my hair. 

I was perfect because I no longer had to be seen as just a nurse.

Unfortunately, as I took two steps forward into my own existence in time, the shameful envy of the lesser evils attempted to drag me back.  I could not speak up for my rights because I was believed not to have any.

I just ruled a country not even a breath ago and now I was treated less than a dog.  The irony is by man; and man, is whom I give life.  Therefore, I did what I knew God had intended me to do; I pressed on to become the woman God intended me to be.

Therefore, in spite of the ugly, I built institutions and consumed economic wealth even under the jealousy and torment of my counterparts.  They called it a bank and me the bank president. 

Maggie girl you go!

Although some may not find any pride in my business, I asked my God for repentance, for I was going to stomp the feeble minded and embrace my femininity.  I became an activist a feminist, humanitarian a reformer and a menace to some.

I dealt with criticism, hate, prejudice, and ignorance.  To me it was just a mountain I was willing travel, for the remembrance of all my fellow sisters who endured the fight as I did.

You see we are one in the same.  We bear the same strife’s disappointments, and hard aches.

Even as time spends out control, we are still the same beings that manifest into victorious flowers.  Now I just laugh in the faces of my opponents who attempt to disable my faith and abilities.

Although time has changed my stature and resilience has not.  Therefore, now I embrace the new titles I assembled, they call me Teacher, Doctor, Lawyer, Professor, Judge, Senator, and Governor. 

And, in due time,

 Madame President.