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You’re Gonna Wait

Something that I have learned recently, and has been staring me in the face for years, is the question of why we wait.  I knew that I had trouble with waiting, but, I guess, I did not really know how badly I needed to have this exposed in my life. But God knew.

We all wait.  We wait in traffic, we wait in lines at the grocery store.  I can recall many times that I would get into the slowest lines, with the slowest tellers and with the lady with a fist full of coupons.  We have all been there! We wait on our children to be born, and then wait for them to grow up.  We wait at the department of Motor Vehicles for hours. We rush to the doctor to be on time just to have to wait for an hour to get into the back room, and then wait another half an hour for the doctor to actually come in.  I can remember hating going to the doctors because I could not stand just sitting there for so long.  I can remember fighting the urge to open the door and yell out, “You know I am in here don’t you?” or, “You haven’t forgotten about me have you?”  It is sad to say I have acted on that a few times too. I knew I was behaving badly, but I just couldn’t help myself, I was a bad waiter.  As I was maturing, I started noticing that I had a big problem with waiting, and so I started to pray to God that He would put me in places that wouldn’t make me have to wait.  I thought the problem wasn’t the waiting, but the circumstances behind the waiting.  I would have loved for God to part the cars on the highway like he parted the Red Sea.  I think I daydreamed about that.  I would ask God to help the slow doctor to just hurry up, but nothing like that ever happened.  I wanted God to eliminate the waiting process all together.

When I think about it, I was even irritated at God, from time to time, because He would wait until the last moment before He would step in.  I think back to when I was single and I wanted to get married. I prayed for a husband for six years.  I thought that was excessive, but in looking back on my life I couldn’t see how God was working for me. 

After years of waiting I finally had a revelation. I was sitting there listening to a Joyce Meyers program on T.V. when Joyce said something that changed me forever.  She said that we are all going to wait.  We cannot get away from it.  It’s not an issue of whether or not we wait but it is how we wait that is important to God.”  It’s our attitude about the waiting that counts.  We can either wait with a good attitude or with a bad attitude.  God wants us to wait with a good attitude.  No sighing or tapping your foot allowed. I know that is none of you, so I will just preach to myself.

I was shocked. A revelation hit me.  It was the simplest concept, but for some reason I had never thought about it in that way.  You mean that I am going to wait anyways, so I might as well just decide to wait well, and do it God’s way?  To you this may seem crystal clear, but for me it wasn’t clear, not at all. It was news to me.

Getting over this was not an easy job. After this understanding, I realized how bad my problem with waiting was. I remember how I would get mad at the traffic.  I always got behind the slowest car on a one lane street.  I also found myself stuck in heavy traffic.  I would shut my mouth and I felt like I was going to explode trying to keep from yelling out my window at some inconsiderate driver.  I progressed.  I even unfolded my arms and stopped sighing in the lines at the store. 

God has made progress with me in this area, and it is getting easier every day. I can see why Satan is so successful in this area.  This world is extremely busy and we want everything fast food fast, if you know what I mean. Today, when I pray, I don’t ask God to take away the waiting itself, but to help me to be a great waiter, cause I’m gonna wait.

By Kristine Mulholland


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