Gathering Together

Your Traces of Glory  


Father I ask you to please strengthen my soul, for I have followed the traces of your Glory. Pour your blood upon my flesh as I attempt to walk along your rays of light. Send me upon the journey no man has traveled, lift me as high as spiritually possible, and love me as your Devine child. Your presence runs through the molecules of my flesh and I forfeit all considered ungodly. My fate is only to be sealed by You Heavenly Father, drenched in the ocean of your commandments. Vowing to seek the full potential of your will as I know it may become difficult, but I live to die for you. Believing in the spirits to be of sound body and mind of a man whom fears only you, accept my soul please as I place it upon your hands. Here are Your Traces of Glory.

Author Craig Pinckney Refour has completed the second book of is AKGM Series titled “AKGM The Traces of Glory”, and it’s currently in the editing stage of production. Until it’s released feel free to order or download a copy of “A King’s Genetic Memory; The Royal Inspiration”. It’s available on Barnes&, Amazon, Nook & Kindle as well.

AKGM- the Traces of Glory Synopsis:

A King’s Genetic Memory; the Traces of Glory” is a poetic book of Spiritual Inspirations. Detailed to provide direction and spiritual support from those that attend services often, to those that have never stepped foot inside of a sanctuary. This book provides no judgment of chosen religion, but acknowledges God overall as the Creator. Each inspiration is an entrance into a new world of understanding and spiritual growth. The author has traveled the world and experienced many different religions and cultures to articulate a broader sense of combined spiritual elevation. Join the AKGM Series with this second set of poetic scriptures designed to inspire the world as we know it. ©2012