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The Purpose of Gathering Together

 The purpose of Gathering Together website is to gather together all types of writings from all types of people, from all Christian backgrounds.  This is not just my website, but it is for all of us.  I want to use this website to help connect with and to share our gifts and talents with the world.

My name is Kristine Mulholland.  I am a normal wife and mother of three boys, who has had a long term desire to preach and talk to people about God and what he has done in my life. One day I had a revelation from God to write my first book.  I actually heard a voice in my spirit tell me to write, and the voice gave me the topic, prayer. The Holy Spirit even told me what the name of my book should be.  I was floored and so excited to get started.  I wrote one prayer a day for eight months, and finally it was done. Then  seven months went by, and during that time I was waiting for God to show up again, and give me very distinct instructions on my next project, like he had done previously.

One day, after a conversation with another Christian, I realized that God expected me to take the first step of faith and just get out there and do it.  I prayed and prayed about what I should do ,and how to do it, but God was silent.  I came to the realization that if I was going to reach my dreams that I just had to start somewhere.  Thus the birth of this website. I did not know anything about how to start a website.  I went to my husband who is very knowledgeable of the computer and asked him to help me. I started writing and once I took that first step and got out all of my sermons and stories of my life that I had been accumulating over the years,  my husband set me up and even showed me how to manage it (thank God for my husband) Once I just made that small step of faith the ideas started flowing into my brain faster than I could write them down.  So the idea of making a website for all to participate in sounded so right to me. I want all of you who have call on your life to minister to others to write and publish your short stories, poems, Bible studies, affirmations, goals, quotes, inspirational story's, meditation, dreams, and prayers to contact me. Even if you do not have a goal to preach, send me your stories on how God has amazed you and saved you out of circumstances.  If you have a desire to write, man or woman, what better way to start then to write here. Write about anything that pertains to God and what he has done in your life or others, type it up, and send it to me and I will publish it here on Gathering Together website for free.

Keep in mind that we all can't start our preaching career on stage. This website may seem like small potatoes to you, but just think about it as a place to practice your writing.  I encourage even seasoned writers to publish here. We as a group can learn so much from you.

I want to get your name out there.  I would like you to add your own websites and face book address and any other links to this page.  Then I want you to inform friends and family to come and see the works that you have published.  There is room for everyone to join.  My prayer is that the Gathering Together Website will grow and grow.

We can make contacts with other ministry's, publishing company’s, advertise your business, add links to your published writings or books, etc. 

Come one and all.  Start somewhere!  Practice your writing for others to see.  Grow little by little, as God opens doors for you, and brings divine connections into your life. We don't have to be perfect when writing, just honest and real. I want emotions and down to earth writings that are easy for the masses to understand and relate to.

 Go to the How to Publish page for details on how to publish with Gathering Together.  It is quick and easy.  Come, let us gather together today!

by Kristine Mulholland


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