Gathering Together

                           Love Thy Self (Adult Version)

Chapter 1

Accepting One Self

“There is no greater love than the love you discover from deep within your soul.”- Kharisma

Accepting one self: What does that really mean? Does it mean to deny others for the greater purpose of individuality? Does it mean separating yourself from the groups for which you belong? Does it mean selfishly focus on your own needs, while ignoring the needs of others? I guess my answer would be: yes… and no. Self acceptance is a balance of loving yourself and giving yourself to others. You see, without self acceptance, you can not be of any service to others. The old adage is true: “To love others, you must first learn to love yourself.” Most importantly, how can you find the beauty in others, when you can not find beauty in yourself?

In a perfect world, the first person you would fall in love with would be you, then family and friends, and finally your significant other. However, in the real world you know the order is quite different. Usually, as a little girl, you fall for your dad first, (if he’s there,) then the rest of your family, friends, your significant other, and then if you have time left in your life from loving everyone else, you finally learn to love yourself. How crazy is that? How often do you hear of people, (maybe even people like you,) who love their husband or boyfriend more than they love themselves, accepting all kinds of abuse –  emotional neglect, and mistreatment – all the while, hoping for some sort of love in return, which, ultimately, is never returned. How can a person love you when you don’t love yourself enough to reject abuse and mistreatment?