Gathering Together


The blistering wind has swept my soul until all fragments of man or beast are non-existent. I have shed my share of tears. Many long and hellish hours I have spent in meditation, wondering about my future. Waiting, all the while not knowing from one minute to the next whether I would live or whether I would die. Hoping and dreaming about the promises that were made and the thoughts that would linger in my heart. Will I ever see the end of it all? I have endured the test of authority and ability until all my plans collide headlong into a blazing heap; a retched portrait of devilish schemes. I smell the foulness of my enemies. Their faces invade my thoughts and my dreams. In desperation they cry out for freedom. I am haunted by the conversations held while under their counsel. It is not up to me. I can save no one. I can’t even save myself. I speak of the things I know, the things that I have seen and felt, but I cannot save them. Though I may want to, I understand that my pride would consume me like a hungry lion, taking me to depths I have never been before, making my journey all the more disastrous. Once I am removed, you will move in such a way that I could never understand nor master. You go to the deep places where no man can go. Should they permit you, then Lord you shall be, but should they reject you, your love will endure the test of time. Waiting, always patient, always watching the horizon, I look for the one that got away, hopeful of his return. You stir my soul, and I find that through you all things are possible. Though I have nothing, in you I have everything and more; so much more. From a distance I seem empty and destroyed, but up close, the evidence of your touch is reflected in the things that I do. Like a fingerprint left behind, it will all trace back to you. Let them all say, “You did it. Lord, it was you, it was all you.”


By Josh Leach