Gathering Together

               Introducing Apostle Lawanda Peters



Apostle LaWanda Y. Peters is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Solid Rock Church of Dawson in Dawson, Georgia.  Founded in January 2003, this Apostolic Church has quickly developed into a diverse, multi-ethnic congregation.  This anointed Woman of God is driven by her God given vision to see the saved as well as the lost be free from the yokes of bondage and come into their inheritance as God has purposed from the beginning of time, to go and make disciples for the Kingdom of God, to preach, to teach and train as many men and woman as possible about Kingdom Living, so that all who are called of God know their purpose and the will of God for their lives.  It is to also minister healing to hurting (abused) women because God has placed his favor on her life in such a mighty way she feels led to teach (share) with God’s people-prosperity and deliverance in every area of life.  Apostle believes that you can live a prosperous, blessed and satisfying life.  Motto: We are Kingdom Builders-raising the bar of holiness in the earth.


Apostle Peters is a powerful Woman of God.  Miracles, signs and wonders do follow her ministry everywhere she goes.  She is the Founder of W.O.P.A. (Women of Purpose Association), LaWanda Peters Ministries, Pro’Fits Designs (Boutique), LYP Service Designs (clothing line) and Solid and Faith Ministerial Fellowship.  This Woman of God has written her autobiography entitled “Weathering the Storms of Life” and “Beauty for Ashes”.  She is well on her way to writing many, many, more books that will encourage, uplift and impact many.  She is having her autobiography rewritten, which will be her third book to be released.


Apostle Peters has been an honored guest on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) several times, a guest on Atlanta Live TV 57, Prophetic times with Dr. Debra Nelson-Isom, and a guest on several Radio Stations.  She travels extensively, and God in not through with her yet.  He has positioned her to meet many great Men and Women of God.  Apostle is humbly thankful to God for the Favor and Blessings that God has bestowed upon her life.  She walks in Prosperity, Healing, and Deliverance.  Having been delivered from abuse (Domestic Violence), Homelessness, Low-Self Esteem, and Rejection, God has empowered Apostle to minister to many women and men alike.


If you are in need of a Speaker for your upcoming Women’s Conference, Healing/Deliverance Conference, or Revival, please consider Apostle LaWanda Y. Peters.



Apostle LaWanda Peters Ministries
371 Johnson St. / PO Box 754
Dawson , GA 39842