Gathering Together

  Introducing Carrie James-Keaton



I am a proud graduate of Holly Grove High School, and I’m currently working toward a degree in Business Management from Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas and continuing on to a four-year college to get a degree in Business Administration. I'm a spiritual person who loves God. I enjoy cooking, I'm a sentimental romantic, an author, a freelance poet, independent and strong-willed, and I have a compassionate nature. I believe that love can be so beautiful when two loving hearts truly combine and become as one and their relationship is open and honest. I use to be extremely shy, but I've made great strives to overcome it. Being shy was like a handicap for me because it was preventing me from achieving many things in life. I got married in April 2004 to Terry, and we have one small son born in July 2007 and I have a grown son from a previous marriage. I work as an office manager for a branch of the USDA, but I have a passion for writing. I write poetry and I’m a published author. I don't consider writing as work. That is my fun time, my stress-reliever, so when I get in from work and get my son taken care of, I relax by writing love stories. I am a member of the Romance Writers of America. I began my writing career in high school, when I would hand-write my stories for my classmates to read. I'm proud to say some of those same classmates are Carrie J. Keaton readers today! My professional writing career began in 2006 when I self-published my first book with Authorhouse. My first book, Two Loves, One Heart has been doing very well. I do have other books in the works but they are works in progress. So stay tuned!!


By Carrie James-Keaton