Gathering Together

      Introducing Delbert Teachout



     Delbert Teachout has a PhD from Christian Bible College and Seminary (1996), an M.S. degree in Psychology from Central Missouri State University (1991), and a BA degree in Psychology from Saint Leo College. He was ordained in ministry in 2002 by Shalom Ministry, Inc.

     Serving for 22 1/2 years in the USAF he began his career as an enlisted man in the Security Police. He was selected for Officer Training School and retired as a Captain in charge of the base alcohol rehabilitation program at Wurtsmith AFB. His many duty stations include overseas assignments in Panama, England, and Greece.

     Certified as an Advanced Addiction Counselor and a Certified Cognitive-Behavioral Christian Counselor before his retirement, he has worked as a therapist, case manager, and program director in the substance abuse field.

     He taught Old Testament and New Testament Survey and General Psychology as an adjunct faculty for Alpena Community College.  

     Living in Wyoming, Michigan with his wife of thirty-six years he has four grown children and six grandchildren.

     Delbert’s hobbies include gardening, fishing, writing, and watching his grand children. He is a member of the Grand Valley Iris Society, Officer’s Christian Fellowship, National Home Gardening Club, West Michigan Word Weavers, North American Fishing Club, and Military Officers Association.     

     He has more than 95 articles published in periodicals with combined circulation of over 700,000. His e-books include The Christian Adventure, Parents are People Too, The Hittite Warrior, and Weekly Inspirations.

     He has recently been given the title of managing editor by Halo Magazine.      

Readers can find me at;; I am also published in New Identity Magazine.