Gathering Together

Dreams, Dawn, and Spirit


I have a wonderful dream of a spiritual nature

I remember the night I dreamed of the Savior in Gethsemane

I wanted to help Him and take away His pain

He told me to go and live my life as my testament

The early morning dawn was breaking when I awoke

That morning became the dawn of a new day and life for me

I remember the love in His eyes as he bid me go

If for only one night I lived a lifetime in His Holy presence

I can honestly testify to you of His love and caring for each of us

He knows each one of us by name, and hears our prayers

I pray that I will never be shy and live my life as He has commanded

I know this is true because it has been born witness by the Holy Spirit

There is no doubt that He lives today and loves each of

He hates to see the sin we commit, but has paid for them with His blood

Where were you when you first received your testimony?

You will never be the same once you have received that witness