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         Introducing Ernie Heavin


  The Writings From Heavin: Down to earth stories that shed light on the deep principles of Scripture.

My name is Ernie Heavin. I am the author of Living By The Power Of Faith, an unique study from the book of Romans (published in June, 2009) and World 1 & World 2, a study from 1st Peter (published October 2010). Both books are in paperback and Kindle format.

My last book, "Are You In The Transformation Mode"....Jesus Then and Now came out in September 2012.

I am a Ministry major with strong pastoral abilities and 27 years’ ministry experience. My passion is to serve and offer aid to people. God has given me the ability to teach, counsel, listen, discern, write, and speak, so I choose to use those gifts to help people to make significant personal decisions in their lives. I think outside the box but tend to look in it from time to time to see what can still be used. I have been married 28 years and we have two beautiful adult daughters, ages 25 and 22.




         Living By The Power Of Faith, a study on Romans:




The Gospel is not just a message but the very power of God for salvation. How would you define the Gospel? Is it mere information in a pamphlet? Is it only a sequence of steps to follow? How do you see your purpose in the Gospel? How does that purpose impact your life? Because what we teach will normally penetrate others no more deeply than it has penetrated us. 

This unique study on the book of Romans illustrates the power of God for salvation. None of us were saved by our own power and none of us will walk by faith on our own power. The righteous do not live by fear; the righteous do not live by law; the righteous do not live by rigidity. The righteous will live because they live by faith ... powerfully! And that's the Good News presented in this book. 

Available in paperback or Kindle format   



            World 1 & World 2, a study on 1 Peter:



Be honest…If you were addressing a people soon to be suffering, would your letter resemble anything close to what the Holy Spirit inspired Peter to write? We’re assured of salvation yet distracted with the temptations and worries of this life; promised an imperishable inheritance and yet struggle to make ends meet; assured of new bodies that will never decay and yet worry about our weight and watch our bodies grow old and weak. We live in two worlds. 1st Peter is about Giving people something greater than the problems they face…..A LIVING HOPE! 

Available in paperback or Kindle format 


             Are You In The Transformation Mode?




Is there anything that is happening in you that is changing your wants—that is changing your thoughts---that is changing your way of thinking---that is changing your values---that is changing your direction---that is changing your goals—that is changing your ideals? Are you in the transformation mode? Jesus did not just ask us to follow him, but to become like him. Are you in the transformation mode? 

The resurrected Jesus is this majestic Jesus. No one and no thing looks like this Jesus. His eyes are like flames of fire. When he speaks, his voice thunders. He is awesome in presence. The Apostle John felt a bit more comfortable with the JESUS THEN, so much so that he would actually recline on Jesus’ breast, but, with the JESUS NOW, he falls to his feet as if dead. 

JESUS NOW boldly claims, “I am the Living One. I died, but look, I am alive forever and ever.” He boasts: “I hold the keys to death and the grave.” Everything that has the capacity to terrify me, to destroy me, he holds complete power over it, death and the grave. This JESUS THEN…… he’s approachable but the JESUS NOW is a powerful force to reckon with and I have to ask myself, “Is he safe? Is he gentle? If I approach him for forgiveness, again, for the same sins, again…………will he raise his voice? Will he take time to listen to me? Does he care what I have to say?” And how does the JESUS NOW respond to John to reassure him? He touches him and says, “Don’t be afraid.” 




What a twelve year old taught me about

“Being Nice To People On Purpose”



The Writings From Heavin: Down to earth stories

that shed light on the deep principles of Scripture.