Gathering Together



To the REAL MEN.....Much love and appreciation to those men who hold it down and keep it real. Those brotha's that honor, appreciate and respect women for much more than sexual objects, doormats and punching bags. Those who see and understand us for more than the goldmines between our thighs or the mounds upon our chest.....Understanding and appreciating the value and the prize you've found in capturing the heart, mind, soul and spirituality of a real woman, a good woman.......To the brotha's who know how to talk to us and never call us out of our names or talk down to us, nor allow anyone else to. To the brotha's that know how to keep the home fires burning and inspire us to do the same; with no need or desire to look any further. To those that understand that a sperm donor does not a father make; willing, ready and able to be responsible and setting a good example for the son's and daughter's you helped bring into the world. To those who recognize and are responsible in taking care of the financial, mental, spiritual, emotional and physical needs of your family. To those men who inspire us as women to stand by you and love you in spite of your failures and shortcomings. Because you show us love, respect and honor; we will go through the fire with you and for you; Knocking down anything or anyone that gets in your way. To those who appreciate us and love us for our inner strength, beauty, and the mere essence of our being inside and out; we nurture and encourage you. Men not willing to discard ignore and put us away because we no longer have the curves and size of a superficial, airbrushed fashion model or pretty young thang! But love us in spite of the pounds we gained to give birth to your children or when gravity takes over. My brotha.....we will love you in spite of the extra pounds around your waist, the crow’s feet around your eyes, and the wrinkles in your forehead, receding hairlines and all the changes that take place as you age and mature. To those brotha's who open doors for us, pull out a chair. Wrap your jacket around us when we're cold. To those who honor and take your vows serious and will remain faithful and true, because that's what real men do; Not blaming your lack of self- control on the fact that you are a man; But maintaining self-control. To those brotha's we honor and appreciate you; Our Kings that make us feel like Queens...we love and adore you; and will always have your back. To the brotha's who have paid the cost to be the boss; deserving and earning the right to have the love of a good woman. Those women who will make you feel you are at home when she welcomes you into her loving arms...... showing what real love is.
To those brotha's.......YOU may take your bow….


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