Gathering Together

  Introducing George McCalman



I was born May 21, 1952 in Homer, Louisiana, in North Central Louisiana. I served in the USAir force Reserve from 1971 through 1977, with an Honorable Discharge. I then worked as an industrial electrician in the petrol chemical industry traveling throughout the US main land on many projects for 37 years. I accepted Jesus Christ in 1967 at a TV Evangelist, James Robison Revival in North Louisiana. I now reside in Ruston, Louisiana, attending Crossroads non-denominational Christian church. I have a 27 year old son, James Ryan McCalman whom I raised as a

single parent.


One thing I want to point out is the very emotional feeling that comes on one when told by Dr‘s, “You may not live another few day’s” I was told this not once, but three times. Or better yet when a registered nurse tells you, “You may be one heart beat away from death.” I have not been able to talk about that without crying tears of thanks to Jesus. He was there each time. I should not be surprised. He said he would be. I have lived with this since 1994, keeping most of it inside. I know exactly what he meant, when Jesus said, “ If You know these things and don’t tell them, the very stones in this city will cry out.”

As much pain I have been through, I would not have it any other way. I will be glad to cry it out. Thank you Jesus!



By George McCalman


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