Gathering Together

I’m Not A Yo-yo But The Slingshot


The Intro

We were married only for a brief moment

During that time you tried to take me through some sort of torment

Just because you moved me away from my family

Oh but, baby boy you were in for a homily!


The YoYo

You thought you could walk me like a dog,

Trying to play mind games and have me in some sort of fog.

You tried to put me in some sort of Sleeper

But failed to remember the LORD is my Keeper.

You said you was at work, but I knew you were Around the Corner

I was sad and hurt, but then realized you were about to be torn asunder

You didn’t think I wouldn’t know you were Rockin the Baby?

Foolish man, God was about to strike, but not until he had me in safety.

You tried to take me around the world

But in the end it was you who was in for a whirl.



I rose to the occasion and proved you wrong

You see you thought that you could break my spirit

But you failed to realize I was not having it.

You, my dear you were once a man with a great call

Until you decided the way of ole King Saul

You forgot I’m the daughter of the Most High God

And with my slingshot and five smooth stones God used them as HIS ROD


The Slingshot

The slingshot was made of the rightly divided WORD

It’s what HE watches over and hastens to perform.

Your mind was seared with a hot iron since you refused to conform.


The Stones

First stone was made of prayer

You tried to run up on me, but you heard God’s warning so you didn’t dare


Second stone was made of fasting

The more I did that; your punishment by HIM was lasting.

You forgot the passage that read Vengeance is mine I will repay

You see, my dear I forgave your offense, which compelled God to become my defense.


Third stone was made of praise

For I knew after the divorce I would be raised

Out of darkness into the marvelous light

I was getting ready for my first class flight


The fourth stone was of worship

For I knew my freedom was nigh

He turned my mourning into gladness

My sorrow into joy

My worship became a dance

One that would shake the gates

And seal your fate


The fifth stone was God’s Psalms 37:13 laughter…

For it was He who allowed your life to become a great disaster.

The Benediction

No one to blame, but yourself

Don’t try to return for the fourth time as I told you from the beginning I couldn’t care less.

No longer do I settle for a mediocre King Saul of a jackass

I’m patiently waiting for my true virtuous husband who’s similar to Boaz


(c) 2011 Tabitha Vinson. All rights reserved worldwide.