Gathering Together

                    I Put You First

You’ve been there

Since day one.

What a miracle to come!

Been there through the night and day,

Guiding me along the way.

And so, I put you first.

Whether I am right or wrong,

You’re by my side, as I carry on.

In you, I have a faithful friend,

Supporting me until the end.

And so, I put you first.

You let me fall, so I may rise.

Let me laugh after I’ve cried.

Bring me light after the dark.

Get me through to a new start.

And so, I put your first.

Lord, this is why I will believe

With Your Word, You guide, I lead

My life in Your hands; that’s the way it will be.

And I’ll always put you first.


                                                    By Kim Larocca

Copyright ©2011-Kim Larocca