Gathering Together

  One Thing That Doesn’t Disappoint

Bothwell Masitoko.


Have you ever put too much trust  into something, be it a friend, spouse, parent, relative, a career or even business?

You seem to enjoy the ride for sometime (call it the problem-free zone, or window period);  everything seems to go just as planned. Your heart and mind are rested and you wake up every morning to greet that same thing with a great loyalty that in part exhibits your need and dependence on it.

But somewhere down the line, you begin to experience tempests on the boat. No one can control the tempests (except for Jesus of course), so you fruitlessly try to resolve them on your own. That’s the useless negotiations and apologies to your spouse, or whatever else you do to ease your situation.

You at first believe it can be changed, but with some time you grow to realize how you are fighting a long since lost battle. Yes you lose, and just don’t understand how or why.

I beg to teach you something. See, when God came into your life at your salvation, He made a promise and a covenant with you: He will stand by your side nomatter what, and just when you think you’re done, He’s beginning. I believe it is the same thing that gave Jesus the strength and courage to be painfully and shamefully nailed to death amongst thieves-He knew His Father would never disappoint. How I love it when He finally has the opportunity, perhaps an audacity, to say ‘It is done’ (John 19v30, KJV).

So whatever your situation, condition or problem is, yes you may suffer of it, but know through it all there’s a goodness behind. Every cloud has a silver lining. There’s light at the end of the tunnel. God causes ALL things to work together for your good. (Job went through tribulations of a worst kind but still received his kingdom status in the end). God loves you, He is with you, and He will never disappoint!