Gathering Together


Faith is what it's called.. It lays me down in the wee hours of the morning confident that should I never awaken again that all is well. It provokes this stride that gives an effect of walking on air. Believing that no man can hurt me because I don't even live here, my inner being is gone to man. I live in a time zone of a faith institute through the sands of the hour glass. It induces me to believe that even though the chips may be down I'll still surface in victory. "who can be so arrogant as to refuse?" I walk on it, talk on it, breathe on it, and live on it my friend. What do you walk on? Asking only to open your eyes to the question at hand. Washed in my own tears dreading another loss, however faith tells me everything is right on time and there's not one problem in my world...

by Craig Pinckney