Gathering Together

            Introducing Julie Hodgson






Julie Hodgson, age 49, now living in Portugal with her husband John, has travelled extensively all over the world writing for children. She has worked on the children’s page of the Kuwaiti Times for about a year just before the first Gulf conflict in 1989, the story teller’s page for the Dumfries and Galloway Standard, the press and journal Banff Standard, plus numerous other papers and short story books as well. She has also been featured twice in the Portuguese newspaper Aponte and several other papers and magazines.

 She now settles for a quieter life giving her more time to write stories, and is in popular demand for storytelling, having visited many schools in Portugal. On Fridays, the children are entertained by Julie’s stories on the local radio show, “Bom Dia “(good morning Portugal) on RTL 96fm in Portugal which has been a great success with an avid following. When last interviewed on the radio, Julie stressed how important it was for children to be able to read. She usually donates the proceeds from the sales of her books to charities. In fact the sales of the books in Portugal are being donated to a handicap society in Ponte de Sor. She is also Patron of an orphanage in Portugal.



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