Gathering Together

     Introducing Mandie Leitz



Mandie is a huge encourager to others. Mandie seeks to be the women of authentic and honest faith ignited with such burning passion fire for God alone! Mandie has such a compassionate heart for any reach outs to any age is embedded deeply in Mandy’s heart. Mandie loves encouraging all ages for Christ! She loves it when young people start arising in their faith in God! She loves to encourage young people to stay pure and be real in their walk and talk with God! Mandie as young as she is has journeyed much in her life but she is so thankful and blessed to knowing God has always been faithful to His word and promises in my life! Mandie shares through blogging and writing of everything on her journey with God. She shares from the heart! Mandie knows she's so imperfect but loved by a Perfect God! Mandie shares what's on heart. Mandie strives to be an authentic, honest and obedient Christ Follower for God! God has used Mandie to be an inspiration and encouragement to all ages! Mandie has spoken as an inspirational speaker to youth events but took a break from it but is really praying if that path is where Mandie should take again. Mandie is just an ordinary women who truly seek authenticity in who she is and in her writing. 

Mandie Leitz