Gathering Together

                 Bear's Poems


Shhh can you keep a secret?


Do you promise not to tell?

I’ll tell you, but you have to promise not to tell anyone else.  OK?

I am in love with you.

It happened when I was not even looking.

You grew up and I stayed a child.

I wanted to come with you, but your wings let you sail away.

I looked everyday for you to come back, but you didn’t.

I went to the places where we used to play and I would sing songs of joy,

and there was no one there but me with my empty heart.

Daddy said that you were going to live with Jesus.

Is that very far from here?

Are there rivers and streams, lakes and ponds?

Can you chase butterflies and jack rabbits?

Do you get to sleep in the sun on a lazy afternoon like we used to?

Who feeds you?  Do you like the food? 

You are still my best friend, and always will be.

My friends say that you are just a dog.

I know they are wrong because I still feel you right here

in my little tender heart.

Do you go for walks with Grand Pa and Grand Ma?

I’ll bet they would like that too.

Well I have to go now, Aunt Paula is bringing me a puppy,

but he’ll not be you.

Now you be good and don’t play in the traffic up there too.

I don’t know where you will go if you get hit by a truck again.

Bye for now.

PS, I really love and miss you Champ.






Whenever I think of our Savior lying prostrate on the ground in the garden Of Gethsemane, my heart is pricked and I am moved to tears.


He had bled from every pore of His Body as if it were great drops of blood.  So great was his suffering, that the Father’s heart was broken and He sent an Angel to aide and comfort Him.


I dreamt that I was there in front of Him hidden behind a tree.  I could plainly see his face.  It was such a beautiful face now laden with the tears of His Redemption as he took upon Him mine, and the sins of the world. 


He slowly raised his eyes and I could see the tears streaming down his face.  He looked directly at me.  How my heart wrenched as I beheld His pain and great love.


He bid me come closer.  Although He had bid me to come, my soul was grieved with contrition because of my sins, and I could not move from my place of concealment. 


Be of good cheer,” was His call to me.  “Come hither and sit by my side.” I dared not say no, as He bid me once again. 


I went to Him, and fell before Him and washed His feet with my tears.

Ever so gently, He raised me to my feet and held me in His arms.  I begged His forgiveness but still I could not look upon His face.


He spoke to me calling me by name and said, “My blessed son, thy

tears have redeemed thee.”  Then still held in His arms He gently kissed my cheek and held me close.


“Take me with You,”  I pleaded.  “Please let me your burden carry.”

Again through those tear filled eyes He looked at me and bade me to behold His chosen apostles.


These are they whom I have chosen and yet they could not stay awake to help my burden share; yet thou hast come back several thousand years to be by my side.  Be of good cheer for thou hast come to be near me and help unburden my pain.  Your work is not mine to do, but yours alone.  We must serve each in His own way.  Go now with my blessing, and remember I will wait for thee but a short distance away, and until then serve me by serving others.”


He then broke off an olive leaf and placed in my hand, closed it and kissed me again.


The morning sun began to fill my room and the first rays of morning sprang into my eyes. I sat up in bed and looked around my room.  I was in my home.  Great tears of sorrow welt up in my eyes as I realized it was only a dream.


“Oh dear Jesus”, I cried.  I kneeled there on the floor sobbing for the longest time until I was able to compose myself and it was then that I  realized I had only been dreaming. 

Kneeling there beside my bed I opened my hand to wipe my eyes and an olive leaf fell to the floor.


Glen “Bear” Smith