Gathering Together

My Fathers Sword



Early to rise and filled with hunger, quickly I gather my thoughts.  What this day will bring I scarcely think to myself.  One by one, my concerns fall out of sight as I study my sword.  Razor sharp, its edges are perfect.  A weapon forged by my father. Stained with blood from giants among men and given to me.  With heavy concern I look forward and begin to worry that it cannot be done.  I feel fear on its way.  I must not give room for doubt.  I won't last if fear and doubt arrive.


Slowly I walk through the narrow opening, keeping my eyes on the path before me.  I tighten my grip so as not to drop the sword.  With the roar of those who wish death upon me now rising, I remember the first time I met him.  I was lost in the wilderness and he found me.  Scared and alone, he gave me sanctuary.  He taught me his ways.  His form is flawless.  He called me son.  In service I've failed him many times before.  Even though weaknesses I have many, the King still finds me valuable.  It is for him that I now go to battle.  His oath gives me authority in the land.  By contract I have agreed to serve him with my life.  Because he is faithful, my victory awaits.


As I enter the battle I find myself amongst the dead.  Once loyal to The King but now just a pestilence, a mighty beast rears its head.  From darkness he ascends, bringing forth all the powers of betrayal.  A plague approaches and the sun fades from sight.  Here in the dark, my strength is gone.  Suddenly, I find the weight of my armor too much to bear.  With the light just a memory, I look to The King.  From on high he sends his battalions to aid me.


The clutter of combat ensues the new arrival.  It is an epic battle of good versus evil.  Clouds of darkness scream as they cross the skies.  Fear and Doubt now gnaw at me.  The battle grows cold.  Hope is the first to arrive.  He pounds a steady beat on his drum as he sings with a loud voice, “The victory is ours!”  Fear leaps at me and begins his ceremony of infestation.  Riddled with fright, I accept his challenge.  Because of my loyalty to The King I cannot back down.  I am obligated to serve the kingdom, and if it costs me my life I shall not fail again.


Fire begins to fall from the sky.  The King stands above all as his shadow scatters across the land.  The beast now trembling, desperately tries to counter my defense with a vicious claw.  It is interrupted with a steady swipe of the sword.  A blast of bitter hatefulness spews forth from the beast's mouth.  Courage rides in with his mighty ax and destroys Fear with a righteous beheading.  To The King he says, “My Lord, your will be done!”


I try moving closer to my company but Doubt has ensnared me.  Now immobile, I reach for the banner of The King to declare victory and inspire my allies.  I sing praises to The King because he's worthy and though he slays me, I will stand with him until it is finished.  In doing so, Truth drives a spear of critical accuracy deep into the heart of Doubt.  With Doubt now gone, I rise.


As the beast begins to devour me, my Lord, The King, my Savior offers his blood in the place of mine.  I watch as The King dies.  The beast howls in delight as I now gain all that had been lost.  All my strength is restored.  A fire is set on top of my tongue and with the sword my Father forged tightly held in my grasp, I cry out, “Long live The King!”


A mighty wind is stirred and it sweep's the land.  When the last creature is destroyed, I stop to weep.  I cry aloud asking, “What about the King, what about The King?”  A soft voice is heard over the scattered piles of death, strangely reminiscent of my Father.  He says, “The King lives in you.  He lives through all those who serve him faithfully.”  I look, though I see no one.  I know it was The King.  Through death somehow he had slain the beast.  Though I can't see him, I feel his presence and believe it to be true.  How else could I live to tell this tale?