Gathering Together

My life is a garden


Whenever I see the clear blue sky,
or see the green of a forest, or hear a baby cry,
or taste a snow flake in its fall,
I remember and know that Heavenly Father created it all.

Whenever I hear the laughter of little children,
or hear the songs of a Christmas choir,
I remember the Savior and think of when
He took my sins in that fateful hour.

My life is a garden. It is cultivated by love.
I love to be in the service to my Father above.
When I lift the hearts of each person I meet,
it reminds me of the love of Jesus, so warm and sweet.

Whenever I hold my grandchildren in my arms
and hear their sweet fluid laugh,
I think of life, home, freedom without alarm,
I know that for now I am free of evil's wrath.

Whenever I see the beauty of a thunder storm at night,
Or when I see the full moon as it rises above the mountains,
I look at the world around me and know all is right,
Our Savior has made it possible to live with Him again.

My life is a garden growing without strife and bearing good fruit.
Whenever I smile at a stranger, or do good deeds,
My garden grows healthier and free of weeds,
I hear sounds of gratitude played on an eternal lute