Gathering Together

            Introducing Natalie "Neco" Haviland




Neco Havilland’s Bio

Neco is currently working in the Carpentry Program provided through the Prison Industry Authorities (PIA) at CIW. This program provides a pre-apprenticeship program tools, books, and Union dues upon release.  She also facilitates a critical thinking class called “Compass” in the faith based program and soon to open on the main yard.

In her spare time, Neco loves to bead, read, and exercise healing through Jesus Christ, our risen Savior. For more than twenty years, Neco has said that she was going to write a book called, “Prisons are a Crime”.  Now God has opened the door and provided an opportunity to research and collect data for such a book, as well as time to write. Neco is part Algonquin Native American, and is a participant in Sweat and Pipe Ceremonies provided by the Lakota peoples.  With the past behind her, she looks forward to a brighter future with her family as she rebuilds her life as a Carpenter and a Writer.