Gathering Together

    Meet Christian Novelist Cam Rascoe





Cam Rascoe, author of several secular novels has made developing his
Christian writing ear a main focus while exploring new projects. Mr. Rascoe has
been a member of Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church in Eatonville, Florida for
the last two decades of residency in the Orlando, Florida area. Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania is Cam’s birth city, where he first began to weave tales as a
child. Writing he views as his calling, always remaining responsible with his
craft. The opportunity to share and fellowship on this site gives this writer
great purpose (Thank you Kristine). There is no better way to utilize your
talents as a writer than to share your thoughts and feelings about the love of
our Lord and Savior. Blessed be those who believe, writing for Jesus is a labor
of love. Short stories, articles, essays and poetry of faith are offered
cheerfully praising our God. 



            The transition to becoming a full time Christian Novelist for Mr.
Rascoe starts here with works posted on this site. “Exchanging thoughts and
ideas with believers enhances our own creations as Christian artists. Most
gratifying and reaffirming are shared experiences between like thinkers of
faith. Christian social networking, the 21st century mission.”  Cam Rascoe
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