Gathering Together


Ode to the Great Love (Marriage Poem)


This ode to the great love

Truly a gift from Heaven above

Always there through the days

By the inner beauty truly amazed

The heart so pure, brilliant with light

Joy coming even in the darkest night

Best of friends been through it all

Lifting up never allowing a fall

Taking care of house and home

Feeling the warm embrace never alone

A voice which is a glorious sound

Standing in unity on solid ground

A smile that brightens the dim day

Seeing it is a glorious display

A blessing to children teaching them right

Bringing them happiness and delight

Giving extra strength to help overcome

The sum of the strength of two is greater than one

Looking for the face of love everyday

Missing the image when its far away

The eyes show a love so deep, no one can deny

When truly seen the beauty will awe and there will be no reply

Holding of hands feeling the presence near

Knowing the support is there and having no fear

A bond so strong, it will never break

One of strength no enemy can attempt to make it shake

The great love, one that is eternal

One established for now, forever , once and for all

by Kevin Lewis

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