Gathering Together


Pain to Purpose


When the fruition of pain erupted in my life, it did so in stages and levels. My first bout with pain started in my early childhood; mild finger taps-to hand spankings, vaccination horrors, mommy and daddy disappearing acts - or so I thought - and “siblings gone wild” escapades.


As a young and adventurous female, I pretty much experienced the growing pains of adolescent turned teenager, the infamous puppy love-phase, the first break-up trauma, the battle scars of puberty, and blah blah blah. As my self-esteem fluctuated from low to mid-highs, I developed personal complex issues ranging from anger, to melancholy soap-opera drama scenes, to the, “I’m madly in love with him and think I’ll die if I don’t talk or see him again,” episodes of delusion, and finally; the emotional pains which accompany maturity. Though physical pain can be our worse enemy, it’s the pain we experience internally which can cause bouts with emotional chaos, which may result in physical avalanches of self-destruction, or succumbing to incompatible or violent relationships or worse. I have experienced those near-death pains, pain masked by shock, the indescribable pain experienced by rape victims; oh, the list gets pretty intense from here. My point is to, hopefully, not address how one might deal with pain, but more so, how one might convert pain into hope, deliverance, and finally; purpose.


When we as humankind sustain an injury, there are several stages which must occur. Primarily, the injury itself is as important as the message sent to the brain, by way of the central nervous system. The aftermath of such minor to grave occurrences will either create an explosion of victorious thinking and a deeper relationship with God, or a lifetime of grief, depression and possible detachment from God.


In my personal and very early encounters with atypical situations, I gradually overcame the shock of what happened and advanced to why it happened. This process was not instantly welcomed into my chamber of contemplation. Anger, denial and blame would slam the door in the face of acceptance every time; until one blessed day, a back door to my heart was opened by the hand of God. It does not always take that one near-death experience, or even that judicial threat of separation from society which might deter or motivate positive future endeavors. As a matter of fact, a high percentage of offenders or victims will mimic defeat until they grow tired of not being sick and tired, and either submit to positive or faith-based programs, and gradually submit their total will to God, through Christ Jesus.


Life within itself; is complicated. We live to learn, and should, learn to live. It is imperative we base our reality of life as being temporal here on earth. This dwelling is not our home; it is a temporary housing and traveling venture. However, the temple of God must maintain a daily cleansing ritual. I’ve learned to “spring clean” my heart throughout the day; constantly aware of the dangers of hoarding disposable memories. Hurtful memories have a tendency to delay the healing process, mentally, emotionally and especially spiritually. When we encounter life with all its woes and unexpected scenarios of the unexpected, our faith is the primary target. The body is designed to a greater extreme than we realize, to initiate various healing and defending processes, long before we encounter medical intervention.



Basically, life has more than a few guarantees of ups and an entourage of down moments. However, we can either “walk through the shadow of the valley of death, and fear no evil; for Jesus is with us,” or we can live faithless, hopeless and more-or-less in the enemy camp of defeat and eternal death. For every painful situation we encounter in life, we have the God given right to overcome, be it; one minute, hour, step, tear or prayer at a time. We never have to settle for defeat, even if we are at a physical disadvantage due to the result of an incident unjustly bestowed upon our person, or otherwise.


Every living and breathing human being on this planet, will encounter a personal ordeal which may leave them clueless on how to proceed, after the “smoke has cleared.” There is a process to every aspect of life. When we humbly submit our will to God and trust Him to guide us through the various stages of recovery, we also expose ourselves to divine opportunities to share the love of Christ through our personal testimonies.


I personally have dedicated my life to sharing testimonies of how I overcame “one thing or another,” and how God turned a life of every pain imaginable, into the divine purpose of every overcomer; to share hope, faith and a will to survive as Christ intended, after He overcame the Cross.


Stay blessed,

Tina Chestnut; Writing as (Ty Mays)

September 2011