Gathering Together

               Pass Me Not!




Job 9:10-12 ~ Which doeth great things past finding out; yea, and wonders without number. Lo, he goeth by me, and I see him not: he passeth on also, but I perceive him not. Behold, he taketh away, who can hinder him? who will say unto him, What doest thou?

My sister-in-law had one of those “Nothing Just Happens” moments in her life this past week. As she was leaving her Mother’s home her car wouldn’t come out of 4WD Low so she decided rather than drive it that way, she would drive her Mother’s car home and get hers repaired later. She discovered the following day that her brake line was broken. You would have to have an appreciation of the hills of West Virginia to understand how this could have impacted her drive home! Coincidence… no.

How many times has God moved in my life, possibly passed by and plucked a circumstance from my life that was meant for my harm, and I did not know? I read scripture and I try to discern great theological facts and God says, Shari, just stick to the basics. Because that’s what life truly is, the basics. It’s those moments in my life when God passes by. As I read Job this morning, there’s a verse in chapter 9 that I remembered the Pastor preaching on years ago using a specific reference when Job spoke of the stars Arcturus, Orion, and Pleiades. It was a great sermon, I don’t remember it, I only remember it was great! Sorry Pastor. But I say that to say this, that message was not mine.

Everyday God passes our way giving us the basics of what we need, and we look for something greater. Why? Job didn’t understand why he was going through the hardest of times in his life, but he didn’t question God. Job was not a great man because Job was great. He was a great man because he acknowledged the greatness of God. The basics. Hard times come, but God’s got a plan. Sometimes (for me most of the time) I wonder why? But I try to look for God in those moments. For my sister-in-law it was obvious that God protected her from tragedy. Sometimes I have to look really hard. And sometimes my thought is as far away Arcturus, Orion, and Pleiades. When in reality the answer is right in front of me.

If you’re going through a struggle, I pray this thought helps you today. Stick to the basics. Trust God no matter what. I have no concept of astrology, but I know Who’s in Heaven! Amen.

Pass me not O gentle Savior!

Hear my humble cry,

when on others Thou art calling,

do not pass me by…