Gathering Together




            Help me to appreciate the blessings I have – My family and those I know.  It is so easy to take things and people for granted.  I have to consistently remind myself that I am blessed and that I have so much.  Help me to value my relationship with You, Jehovah.  Each day with You in my life is precious.  I am in awe of how far I have come in my walk with You.  I am not where I need to be, but thank God I am not where I used to be.  Thank you for the home I live in.  I am satisfied with my living conditions.  I do not need more and more possessions to be happy.  I know you feel saddened when we are ungrateful with what You give us.  People want bigger and better.  We have high expectations of how we have to live.  We spend too much time striving towards never-ending financial gain, but how often do we sit back with thankful recognition, giving You, God all the credit and the praise, for what we do have.  It is so easy to be critical of our spouses and our children.  We want what is best for them, but we can have a demanding attitude toward them.  Help me, God, to stand back and see all the good things in life that you have given us.  Through Jesus’ name, amen.

by Kristine Mulholland

 © 2011 Copyright – Kristine Mulholland