Gathering Together

Pride Rock


Before you can move forward sometimes you have to go back; just as Simba went back to Pride Rock to face his adversary/past; he allowed the enemy to whisper in his ear the entire time that he was a child; when all along what he was told was not the whole truth…but when he matured (came to himself) he realized that he had an assignment that was far greater than the place that he was in…can I say to you that your destiny (greatness) is calling you! Why hang out with savages when you’ve been called to be a King/Queen. When you hang out with the wrong people you begin to take on a different character/personality!

It’s time to shake yourself, come out of the place of desolation, hibernation, self pity, wilderness, isolation, and running…remember who your Father says that you are and be about his business. The baton has been passed, you have been tagged, and you are it!!!

When it’s your time, it’s just your time…go back, and this time you will face those giants that come to take you off course, and you will be victorious in the end! The enemy has no more power than what YOU give him!

You’ve been bought with a price, the blood of your Father is out there…he died that you might live…now get up, dust yourself off, open your mouth, and declare your victory!!! It’s time for battle! And this fight you will win!

Let’s GO!

Apostle LaWanda Y. Peters


© 2011 Copyright – LaWanda Peters