Gathering Together



  A moment passed today, when I felt weak and abandoned. I was disgusted with myself and others around me. Not sure where this sudden wave of torment came from, one was certain; I had to find a way out. Consistent floods of insight from fellow sapiens rip back the veil to my heart and antagonize my peaceful existence. I shudder at the thought of being despised by others and to feel my love rejected with such a vengeful jolt, I stop and surrender to my own discouragement. A cold dark crevasse remains in my mind and I fear it will soon have the best of me. I doubt my own salvation and wonder if even God looks upon me with regret. Desperate to be accepted with an open heart, I fake a smile and hope this gloom soon fades away all on its own.

            Drowning in a sea of sorrow, I struggle to reach the surface; oh how I thirst for air. But as I feared, there is no surface to be found. I descend deeper into the trench of despair. Can anyone hear me, can anyone feel me? I sense that those who walk in spiritual planes can read me like a book. But they look upon me as if I were rabid; too dangerous or too lost to reach. Am I to die like this? Have I come this far only to be handed over to the darkness from which I came? I would gladly give all that I am, all that I have just to hear you say that you love me. Touch me Lord, stretch forth your hand, and heal me like only you can. I need you once again to rescue me, to say to me, “I am your salvation”. I have gone as far as I can on my own.

            After what seems like an eternity, slowly I begin to surface. Soaked with anxiety, I tighten my fists as if to grab hold of my rescuer before He can flee. I feel I have been shown a layer of intimacy, suddenly I feel God’s passion for rare and beautiful treasures, treasures such as this one: a man’s heart. I know He is listening. I know because He came. He always comes. He came when I was lost and He found me; I didn’t know Him, but still He came. He came when I was sick and facing death and He healed me. When I was scared and in need of help, He sent Angels to push back the darkness so that I might find peace and rest. Others have plotted against me, but He works all things out for my good. I know that when this body fails and my flesh turns to dust, it will be because He came. Listen, can you hear that? He is coming!