Gathering Together

              About Soul



The reach and influence of Soul Supply is to bring the release, refreshment and repair of Jesus (Jn 10:10b) to the lives of all '… peoples, multitudes, nations and languages'. (Rev 17:15c)

Soul Supply desires that those across the world (
Eccl 11:1/Rev 17:15c) who have struggled in life and who have wrestled with injustice and suffering may make sense of their life and find encouraging support.

There are those who have felt needs that are unmet and un-catered for by the usual man driven strategies such as medicine or counselling. The 'food' SoulSupply freely offers is deliberately written for a reader's entire well-being. Soul Supply knows God's core is to care! rose from the author's own experiences in life beginning in July 05 as weekly
Soul Snacks before God started to multiply His input and this ministry.

It claims neither denominational allegiance nor pedigree. SoulSupply cannot simply be categorised as Catholic, Evangelical or Pentecostal. It is openly and blatantly Christian alone.

At ..."he must increase - I must decrease" (
Jn 3:30) is valued as life's charge and purpose.