Gathering Together

 Taking Your Spiritual Temperature


By Linda Condolora

It’s 7:00 AM, the alarm goes off and you jump out of bed to turn it off ... at least you attempt to jump out of bed. Instead, when you lift your head from your pillow, you find yourself dizzy, your head aches and you start coughing. As the morning goes on, you only feel worse, so what do you do? Well, what most people would do - you go see your doctor.

When it comes to our physical health, we are very aware of how we feel and we recognize the signs of illness. At the first sign of sickness, we know what to do. Unfortunately, when it comes to our spiritual health, we often miss or ignore the signs altogether, until it’s too late. For our physical health, we have a thermometer; we need one for our spiritual health as well. So, how do we take our spiritual temperature?

  1. Are you reading your Bible? Often the first sign of spiritual illness is a lack of Bible reading time. Do you put off your reading and go days, even weeks, without reading God’s Word? Does your Bible remain in your car from one Sunday to the next? Have you lost your desire to read the Bible? This is a sign that your health is in decline.

  2. How is your prayer life? Are you talking with God daily, seeking His guidance? Or do you find that saying thanks at meals has become the extent of your prayers? Your temperature is rising.

  3. How is your church attendance? Did you attend faithfully every Sunday? Were you a fixture at all the church gatherings? Are you now finding yourself withdrawing from church activities? Do you sometimes skip Sunday morning worship for reasons you know are really just excuses? Your health is in jeopardy.

  4. How are your friendships doing? Were you really close to some of the people at church, telling each other everything and encouraging each other? Do you now find yourself keeping secrets from them because you know they wouldn’t approve of what you are doing? Do you find yourself avoiding them and ignoring their phone calls? Combined with the three symptoms above, you’re about to go into cardiac arrest.

There are other symptoms of spiritual illness, but if you monitor

these areas regularly, you can catch it in the beginning stages.

Paul says in 2 Corinthians 13:5, Examine yourselves to see

whether you are in the faith. Have you given yourself a spiritual

examination lately? If not, there is no better time than the

present. If you have one or more of the above symptoms, seek

help. Share your symptoms with a mature Christian you can

trust, and enlist them as an accountability partner and

encourager. Do it before your spiritual heart stops beating.