Gathering Together


You survived the trials and
tribulations, of hurt, pain and abuse.
God has brought you through the
stormy and turbulent seas.
Beloved, hold your head high and
walk into your brighter day,
your future, your destiny.
With faith and confidence that your
future is better than what's been.
God's promises are true. There's so
much more in store for you.
Keep the faith! Keep trusting the
Lord! You've come too far to throw
in the towel. Keep running the race!
Keep pressing on! You're a survivor!
A blood bought child of the Most High God.
God the Father, truly takes care of His own.
You're a survivor!
With the word of God, prayer and
faith; you will in victory, keep on keeping on.

Kelli Garden

Copyright ©2009  Kelli Garden