Gathering Together

Excerpt from Love Thy Self (Teen Version)

“Suzie’s” Story
(Based on true events, names changed to protect identities)

Suzie had been a friend of Kiara since high school. She was always a lot of fun and had the ability to make Kiara laugh every time she saw her. Suzie’s spirit was positive and free until she started dating a man named Demond. He worked hard to destroy and conquer Suzie’s spirit.

Suzie and Demond dated on and off for several years in a whirlwird of total confusion. Demond was able to win her on with his charm and sex appeal. He even befriended her closest friend, Kiara. The three of them would hang out together quite frequently. One day Suzie and Kiara headed to Demond’s job to pick-up keys for an apartment. Demond apparently did not like the visit to his job as he proceeded to force Suzie to the ground twisting her arms and yelling out curses. Kiara intervened by telling Demond to release Suzie. He continued hurting Suzie so Kiara hit Demond to help free her friend from harm. It was only a matter of time before Demond’s rage turned on Kiara as well. So she bolted with her friend to the car. Demond attempted to punch through the glass window but was stopped in his tracks when the job supervisor screamed out the words, “you’re fired.”

Kiara just knew that Suzie would leave Demond alone for good after this incident in order to escape his mental and physical abuse. However, Suzie continued to date Demond, and Kiara and Suzie drifted further apart. Years later Kiara learned that Demond broke Suzie’s arm. Suzie then finally said “enough is enough.” Soon after the relationship was over, Suzie was able to move on to another man who helped her move passed her pain and actually experience joy in a relationship. She also strengthened her relationship with God which was the most powerful causing her to look deep inside herself and appreciate the beautiful spirit she kept hidden during that painful part of her life.


Author Kharisma


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